new 2016 production
Little Heroes
Heroes as little as Pollicino, little like when they aren’t grown up yet, little like when they are afraid they won’t make it. But also little because they are invisible to the eyes of the world.
The performance is intended for boys and girls aged 12 and over
from 2 years old
The ageless beauty in tiny things

The show is for girls and boys of +30 months old, for their homes and their families. .
pancia in su
from 4 years old
A PANCIA IN SU... le ventre en l'air
On stage, a brother and a sister give shape, with words and moving bodies, to their creative and imaginative way of meeting reality and every day's life, revealing fears, needs and desires that belong not only to children but to the deepest part of us all.

from 8 years old

Beasts is a play that invites us to reflect upon the current breach of balance between humankind and nature.

from 5 years old
a sleeping beauty

the story of Sleeping Beauty, who goes to meet her destiny and become an adult, and the one of a king and a queen who learn what no sleep can dissolve, no spine may help forget and who leave a daughter to never leave her again.