The ageless beauty in tiny things

Asnail – an Escargot
a creature of indefinite origin, age and gender, wanders about with its light and steady step.
It carries its luggage-house with it.
Along its travels, and across the seasons, it meets new people, places and worlds.
It treasures their memory within its shell, bringing it back to life during a poetic and gentle encounter, in the shape of a story.
Leaving behind it a sign of its stay, of how it lives. With no hurries and in astonished wonder.

The show is for girls and boys of +30months old, for their homes and their families.

DI E CON Danila Barone
REGIA Antonio Panella

LUCI E MUSICHE Cosimo Francavilla SCENE Danila Barone e Cosimo Francavilla SARTORIA Cristina Tasso
Con la collaborazione di Cristina Cazzola.
Co-produzione Fondazione Luzzati – Teatro della Tosse all’interno del progetto Tandem Europe - Project What is Home?
da Segni d’infanzia e Museo Benaki di Atene .
Da un’idea di Cristina Cazzola e Sophia Handaka