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Childhood is not only a privileged speaker but also and most of all a poetic space. Looking at childhood is watching humanity grow as a mirror of ourselves, questioning us and trusting us: it carries the sign of each beginning and of every transformation.
Choosing an art fit for children means cultivating a special look.
Not fearing to draw from the deep, from all possible, from the heart, from darkness, from joy, from the extraordinary, from affections, from playing, from the mystery of poetry. Being disposed to wonder. Cultivating simplicity and beauty.
To escape banality.
Knowing how to talk to everyone and therefore to the youngest as well. To know how to talk to the youngest ad therefore to all.

Nous cherchons un théâtre, notre façon à nous de faire du théâtre.
Nous croyons que notre rôle social d’artistes est un rôle critique et créateur :
poser des questions, suggérer de nouveaux regards, cultiver la possibilité, marcher en équilibre,
écouter aux portes, montrer ce qui ne se voit pas, transporter par la danse, faire danser la vie.
Nous choisissons l’enfance comme un lieu poétique, pour chercher et agir.
Nous cherchons un théâtre qui soit…«une terre bleue comme une orange»